Bespoke Boat Co wins first place at Crick Boat Show 2023! Read the post

We’re off to the Crick Boat Show!

It’s that time of year again and we are off to The Crick Boat Show 2023. Last year for our debut we managed to place second with our first ever build ‘The Calveley’ who is now settled in her new home at Stratford Upon Avon’s Shakespeare Marina.

This year we have gone all out with our widebeam exhibit ‘Cricket’ and she is an absolute stunner! If you’ve been following us on our socials you will have seen her progress from steel shell to fully functioning liveaboard. She is going to the show to be sold and let me tell you, whoever buys her is getting a very special boat indeed.

This year we are also taking a 57ft narrowboat, ‘Frankie’ who is a custom build for the lovely David & Emma who are going to be moored at Crick so it made sense to exhibit her in the show… not that it has put us under any pressure at all to get 2 boats out of the door on the same day!

But we’ve done it, the boats are just having their finishing touches and then they will be packed up and ready for transport. We hope to welcome you on board over the bank holiday weekend. The weather is set to be glorious.

Lots of Love

Bespoke Boat Co.