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Where tradition meets practicality. Our classic narrowboats are designed for those who want full, unrestricted access to every UK waterway. Constantly cruise up and down the country on your lovingly handcrafted, energy-efficient narrowboat that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

For the explorers

Our narrowboats range from 6’-6’10 in width and up to 57 feet in length, which means that no canal is off limits for you during your adventures.

For those experienced boaters amongst you, that does mean you’ll even be able to glide through the much-feared Scare Castle Tunnel (Harecastle Tunnel in Staffordshire). Although hard hats are still definitely recommended, and we hope you aren’t afraid of the dark…

Fuel and energy efficient

We want to keep your boat warm and your pockets full. Each vessel we build comes fully equipped with a range of best-in-class energy-saving features such as marine-specialist insulation, double glazing, and remote-controlled central heating, so you can always escape the unpredictable British weather and return to a toasty boat, wherever in the country you may be.

For those wanting to travel sustainably, we can also fit solar panels to power you through your journeys with complete peace of mind.

All this means you’ll have much more left over to spend on activities, exploring, and of course, sampling some of the finest foods from all around the country.

Safety First

Whilst design and practicality are important, they are no substitute for safety. Each and every vessel is equipped as standard with a range of safety features such as carbon monoxide detectors & smoke alarms to suit all sensory needs. Our interior furnishings are also made from flame retardant materials, and there will be ample extinguishers placed around the boat for maximum protection.

For those with limited mobility, we can also add extra steps, ramps and handrails for maximum accessibility. All of these will be carefully designed to blend in with the natural aesthetic of your vessel, so you can cruise with confidence.

“We bought our boat ‘new as seen’ from The Bespoke Boat Co. There were a few little extras we asked to be added and they couldn’t have been more accommodating. The fit-out team are friendly and knowledgeable and were on hand to advise and assist as required. We’re really pleased with our 57ft narrowboat.”

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